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How to give life to your gemstones?

In Dubai, it’s pretty common for women to have customised jewellery. Sometimes, you may even bring some old gold jewels so that the gold will be used for your new jewel. You may also bring your own stone.

In fact, gold is a bit tougher to find but you can buy magnificent gemstones in lots of places, in a specific shop or online. And believe it or not, bringing your own gemstones will help you save a lot of money.

But first, did you know that each gemstones have a special signification? Did you know that according to many facts, each people has a specific gemstones ?

If not and if you have an interest in gemmology, then this article is for you.

Gemstones are not simple stones, they have what we can call an energy and that energy can be positive or negative to people.

According to many facts like your astrological sign, your blood type, your date of birth, specifics gemstones will suit your personality and will allow your to enhance your own energy thanks to the gemstone energy. Sometimes they may be called birthstones. Also, sometimes gemstones are associated to a specific energy like love, chance or happiness.

Here is a table showing you your birthstones according to your astrological sign.

After selecting your birthstone(s), you might want to think of how you are going to use it. Some gemstones may be used for decoration when some can worn as jewellery.

If you’re willing to have your stone as a jewel, first, you may need to think of the type. Will it be a necklace? Earrings? Bracelets? Rings? This usually depends on the size of your gemstones. A big gemstone may fit for a necklace or a ring when smaller gemstones will be better for earrings or bracelets.

Then, after choosing the type, you will have to pick a model. Some jewellers might suggest a model for you but you may also bring a picture of your own model, be it a model of high jewellery from Tiffany’s or Cartier. They will replicate it perfectly for an acceptable amount of money.

Also, the time period are highly different, when it takes most jewellery in Europe approximately 2 to 3 weeks for simply adjusting a ring, it will take jewellers here few days for a whole ring.

Please note that the jewel always comes with an certificate of authenticity for the gold and the gemstones.

There are many places in Dubai where you may customise your own jewellery, we selected for you some places that we believe are the best in town :

House of Windsor

The first one is House of Windsor located in Gold and Diamond Park. Yes, the competition is huge in this area but their prices as their quality of service will make you want to work with them.

House of Windsor Jewellers Mobile +971 50 889 3934 Tel. +971 4 340 8324

Shop No. 31 in Gold and Diamond Park

Cara Jewellery

If you are willing for a very specific design, this is the best we recommend. Working with the design team, they will even provide you a 3D print beforehand. You may choose to pick your jewel up at their shop or to be delivered at your doorstep directly.

The Gold & Diamond Park (+971) 4 347 8089

Galleria Mall Shop # 14 Al Wasl Road P.O. BOX – 117973

Mamiya Jewellery

Probably one of the best jewellery in Dubai where jewellers will not try to rip you off. You may send them pictures by email beforehand or you may directly visit their shop, their opening times are from 10 am to 10 pm. Also, do let them know you’re visiting them, they will prepare a valet parking just for your arrival.

Mamiya Jewellery

Tel: +971 55 435 0088

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