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My Tour Studio Dubai is able to help schools in their organisation of any student event related to the annual school program, such as field trips or for newly hired teachers to ensure their integration into their new workplace.



In line with the UAE national priorities and the Dubai strategic plan 2021, schools in Dubai are required to incorporate the Ministry of Education UAE social studies curriculum standards into their curricula. The rationale for this is to provide students with in-depth knowledge, skills and understanding in UAE history, geography and civics, emphasising the links and relationships between diverse groups, people, science and society.  


The delivery of this curriculum should help ensure that students will contribute, as responsible citizens and residents of the UAE, to the building of a cohesive society that is inclusive of all, while preserving the UAE culture, heritage and traditions. Therefore, My Tour Studio Dubai helps schools coordinate specifics field trips depending on the grades and the courses in order to sensitize students to local culture.


Thanks to a great knowledge of local culture, we manage to immerse students into the United Arab Emirates culture, offering them another point of view to discover the country in which they live. My Tour Studio Dubai has already assisted some teachers of the French International School of AFLEC in managing a Maritime Museum visit to Sharjah, teachers of Lycée Français Jean Mermoz to organise visits of the Archeological museum of Mleiha. 



My Tour Studio Dubai assists schools with their integration session for newly hired employees and teachers. The school organises the team building part and My Tour Studio Dubai can add a cultural and historical touch to the day by taking the newly hired teachers around the city to discover key places.  


We can proudly say that we have assisted Lycée Français International Georges Pompidou in Dubai Academic City with a one-day integration session for newly hired teachers during the back-to-school since 2016 (8 sessions). This tour gives a overall view of the city, understanding of it’s urbanization, key dates and events to bring some historical perspective and a quick presentation of the many museums the teachers can use during their academic year to link their program with some local assets. 

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