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Jean-Paul Najar Foundation

If you are an art lover in Dubai, there is a chance you have heard about Jean-Paul Najar Foundation also known as JPNF.

First things first, who is Jean-Paul Najar?

Jean-Paul Najar was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1948 and passed away in 2014. However the half-colombian half-egyptian was raised in Paris where he immersed himself in art for many years. He opened himself up to different arts, he was a well-trained pianist, photographer, sculptor, fashion designer and way more.

Jean-Paul Najar was indeed what we call an artist in every aspects.

Now you know the character, let’s focus on the well-known foundation : Jean-Paul Najar Foundation.

The JPNF was founded in March 2016 and is a registered museum of contemporary arts, it welcomes numerous American and European pieces of art mostly from 1960 until today. The collection includes works from Suzanne Harris, Marcia Hafif, James Bishop among others.

But who exactly founded the JPNF?

Deborah Najar Jossa, Najar’s daughter, brought to life her father’s collection in a private museum thanks to the help of one legendary architect and also father-in-law, Mario Jossa with a Bauhaus-inspired building. The foundation strives to ensure Najar’s heritage through temporary exhibitions, workshops, conferences and other activities.

More about the JPNF

The JPNF holds many exhibitions throughout the year so make sure to check their schedule if you don’t want to miss any.

Nonetheless, if you happen to miss one you are interested in, no worries. In the same section on their website, you may check some good shots of the previous and current exhibitions.

Also, the foundation is willing to make people come together with programs. All year round, they hold different kind of programs such as workshops, conferences, lectures to fit anyone’s interests.

Overall, the JPNF is an art gallery as you’ve never seen before, strolling around the gallery will truly make you feel at ease. Be it from the arrangement, pieces of art displayed or just the atmosphere, JPNF vibes will definitely get to you and you will literally get transported to a whole new world.

The JPNF is open to public from Saturday to Thursday, from 11 am to 6 pm or you may visit their website beforehand

The foundation is located in Alserkal Avenue, by visiting JPNF website you may be able to rent the venue for an event.

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