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Nathalie van de Vrede

After 5 years in the United Arab Emirates as an official tour guide, working with local and travel agencies from abroad, I have decided to develop a new concept around tailor made tours matching your personality, your travelling style and expectations.

We are all unique, and although the essential will be shown, lets go deeper and look for that memory that will make your experience unforgettable.

The fast developing United Arab Emirates have a lot to offer on the cultural and entertainment side and we would love to share our experiences with you.

I have visited and guided in all the emirates and know all the products that I am offering. You will not be eating in those restaurants full of tourists, you will try local specialities, meet all the actors of this country.

I also work together with my guides to train them, guide them in their research to propose rich, knowledgeable and interesting tours.

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have a lot of treasures and I can guarantee that you will leave with a different mindset.

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